Since 1955, we've provided replacement transmissions and transfer cases to customers all across the Metro NYC area. We strive to provide top-quality transmissions for every make and model of vehicle. From Minivans to Mack Trucks, we've got you covered.

We have over 2000 Remanufactured Transmissions in stock for both Cars and Trucks!

No matter what you need, NYTG gives you a superior product at a price you can afford.

  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Manual Transmissions
  • Transfer Cases
  • Front Differentials
  • Rear Differentials
  • Drive Shaft & U Joints
  • Clutchs
  • Engines
Best Equipment and People The best equipment with the best people equals the best quality. By using equipment such as Dynomometers and Answermatic Transmission Testers, you can be assured that you are getting a perfect transmission each and every time.
Specialization All Certified Transmission experts are thoroughly trained on a specific kind of transmission. These experts know their designated transmission inside and out. Rest assured you will get the best unit available. Certified has the most extensive in-house training program in the industry.
Quality Control As a final test, 18 gauges and sensors are hooked up to a transmission in order to simulate a road test. This road test is up and down hills, pulling a load, making sure it makes no noises, vibrations, no leaks etc. When the transmission passes the test, it is then available for customers.
With over 2000 Transmissions in stock, same day delivery, and several installation centers in the tri-state area, NYTG is ready to help you get the job done at the right price!
"Reman" is short for "Remanufactured Transmission" All of our Remans come directly from Certified Transmission, one of the most trusted transmission remanufacturers in the country.
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